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According to your needs
A noise source can be reduced, absorbed or isolated, depending on the situation. We offer our customers an all-inclusive solution:

  • noise measurement
  • noise analysis
  • design
  • production
  • installation

or just a suitable part of the whole, always according to your needs. This concept has proven to be the most applicable in practice. We have every reason to be proud of our working method, as well as the technical and aesthetic quality of our products.

Production engineering as a potentiality
Our production methods, both the traditional die cutting, and especially, the CNC-controlled water jet cutting method, have been adapted to flexibly cut porous, thick materials, as well as to allow complex individual part production.
The acknowledged benefits of water jet cutting are: good accuracy of shape, cost-effective individual parts and the swiftness and facility of making changes in the cutting program.
The latest technique also enables holes to be made in preformed, laminated and bonded multi-layer parts.
Our water jet cutting machines allow us to work parts with maximum dimensions of 1500 x 6000 x 300 mm.

Flexible production
Particular attention is paid to the needs of the motor vehicle and construction equipment industries, as well as various equipment manufacturers, in our production.
Diversfied raw materials, correctly dimensioned insulation, die cut and water jet cut ready-to-use parts, easy-to-use self-adhesive backings - all this for the benefit of the customer.
Our production adapts flexibly to the pace of the customer, thus minimising the stocking time needed.
In this way we fulfil our function as part of the production process of the whole industrial field.

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